short, short poems (or poems that aren’t good enough)

handsome as a compliment
handsome is a concern

this pen doesn't write as well as my old one
i feel mean

white shoes fuckface
i need a poem
this title deserves,
this isn't it

it's dark
it's dark
and everything is luminous

ice cream passion play
killed a man
with your vanilla
he ordered
way too many scoops

love poem
i'll hold you softer
than drinking fabric softener 
(sidenote, this might be my first actual poem, please kill me)

all her
instagram pictures
with him
i wonder if it was lonely
before he came along

random ipod note
i don't 
trust this dude

bad dad jokes: the man
she calls 
everything romantic, 
her phone bill
must be insane

i got it wrong again
trying to write
in one of those
horrible things that spell out
stuff with the first letter of every line

individual cans of monster energy drink
i'm pretty sure
i can grasp
how the moon feels

love poem
if i had enough lifetimes
i could only begin
to learn to hate you

a poem for me
semi capable
waffle making
mother fucker

thank you very much

the man
taught me tricks,
but i can breathe
quite effectively
thank you very much,
but standing
on train platforms
like high heels
feet arched?
like a friends weekend getaway
with cheap vodka teetering
between the two yellow safety lines?
wondering if i tipped
left or right
which would be right?
i can breathe
quite effectively
thank you very much