“it felt like
putting pen to paper
hiding under your covers
in this house"
he’s wearing
my best paint splattered blouse,
and i want to look past him,
see what the new people
have done with the front yard,
but i feel like it’s first year
sitting nervously in a room
full of new people
and i just want to kiss him
to hide the fact
i don’t care about the past
anymore, i don’t want to pretend
to care about anything but him, 
this isn’t high school.
she’s getting up
for work
and she’s got this little way
of grading days
on a scale of 1-10
so the other day
when she spilt coffee
down the mans shirt
that was a 2
she says todays going
to be a 10
and i have faith
in her ability
to make the world
be a 10

have you tried

have you tried yoga?
have you tried deep breathing?
have you tried submerging your head underwater
and just screaming for half an hour every day?
have you tried being less harsh on yourself?
have you tried rice milk? it's meant to have loads
of super vitamins that are good for your mood.
have you tried every time you feel anxious just running in place
until the feeling stops?