without ketchup

like a half plate
of fries left
that's the kind of fear
you are

she said, pt 2.

she said 
what do i do
if you crack again
i said i don't know
she said 
what if you break again
i said i don't know
and what if its circular
and how can you joke
and why don't you care
and i said i don't know

i'm sorry 
that i only have 
an indignant smile
to give you
because if i could
i'd give you the world,
unto my caesar

she said

she said that she doesn't know
if she see's the world
the same as us
and we all just laughed 
and said hey, we all feel pain
she said that the rain cuts through
her skin, she feels like sugar paper, 
she was shaking and scared
she sat on my lap
and buried herself in our chests
and we all just laughed
and said hey, we all feel the pain
well, i hope that the cracks are paved
wherever you are
well, i hope that they love you,
wherever you are
because there were moments
when i could see the colours explode out of you
spinning in circles
years ago
i could almost understand
i could almost believe


i was on one knee
a makeshift urinal 
for your moment of lucidity
you looked at me calmly
and you were the man that i knew,
you softly said sorry, 
i saw a tremble, an earthquake, 
over your wrinkled skin, 
i'd do the same for you,
i pulled up your trousers, 
let dignity renew itself,  
and your eyes glazed back,
marry for money
never for love,
you looked out the window,
the blackbirds were screaming
have you acknowledged