first out of eight first dates

He is not wearing a shirt, he is not wearing a shirt and he’s scratching his shoulder and he’s sitting there staring off in to the middle distance, he’s fixated on someone or something behind you. Was he wearing a shirt in his Tinder profile picture? You’ve been on 7 dates in the past 5 nights and you can’t remember who was who anymore. It isn’t even a problem forgetting names anymore, you just call everyone buddy and if you sleep with them you call them pal. The guy behind the bar looks like someone who went to your primary school, not even grown up, just like in primary school, one time he on a dare downed a small bottle of vinegar. He had a good attitude. Why isn’t your date wearing a shirt, you should ask him, you should ask him, but he’s so unconcerned that the idea of asking him seems like it would be a confrontation. He’s talking about his band now, he’s still staring past you but what’s he staring at, you casually look over your shoulder. There is nothing behind you except a wooden shack wall yet he’s staring with the unconcerned look of watching someone get robbed in the middle of the day. He’s still talking about his band, apparently they make Punk music, only they try and add a pop twist to it. The bartender is shaking a glass like it’s a former lover, he handles it with grace but at the same time with an amount of distance, he’s good at his job, he’s good at not giving everything to his job, you wish you had some vinegar on you, you could settle all of this. He’s stopped scratching his shoulder and it’s your time to talk, you mention the fact that the bartender looks like someone from your primary school who drank an entire bottle of vinegar, he nods, there’s a silence, so why aren’t you wearing a shirt?


Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up,

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