menomore metronome mispelled.

if i could
i’d hold your hand
and in the morning not be gone
but times are rough
and i’m giving up
all hope that i’ll hold on

so i’m staring at your curtains
like i could see the stars
trying to comprehend
what it’s going to be like
to die for loves demand
you shudder and you murmur
you screw up and you rant
you scream at me so silently
i’m not sure if you’re alive
just listening to the still
of the room with the message you provide

it isn’t 
if you do or don’t
it’s what you understand
staying with the morning light
won’t make you the better man,
it’s not a competition,
it’s nothing you can win,
it’s not living life
carrying it round
like you won original sin,
just hold my hand
or don’t
just hold my hand
or don't

Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up,

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