The problems started a long time before re-entry, the first major problem was trying to actually pick the star up with the robotic arm, like he was playing some cosmically grand scale version of a claw machine.

The second problem was trying to actually move it without causing a problem in the space time continuum, which according to the people working in the control center back on earth was actually a problem. He’d opted in the end to just yank it out of the sky like a band aid, there was a small worryingly growing hole in the universe left behind, but that was someone elses problem to deal with.The third problem was dragging it behind him, he couldn’t bring it inside the ship so instead it just dangled behind him, hitting small planets and other stars which kept sending him off course by massive degrees so each time it hit something he would have to keep readjusting the co-ordinates with a small sigh.

But it would be worth it.

He’d brought the star as a valentines gift for his girlfriend, he figured it was the perfect mix of sentimental and thoughtful, it said “I love you and you are as beautiful as those things that those poets you love always describe as the most beautiful mystical things in the world. See I do pay attention.”

It was annoying the fact the star didn’t come with shipping or anything, he’d paid like 50 quid for it so it should have come with at least second class shipping. But nope, nothing, so he’d had to fork out an extra 4 million to lead a deep space exploration to get it. But it would all be worth it see the look on her face.

He looked down at his watch, he should be re-entering the atmosphere at about five, and he’d told her to meet him about then at the space station for a “surprise” so he sat back and looked at the star trailing behind the ship and smiled to himself.


Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up, ajmacnaghten@hotmail.co.uk

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