girl gang

there's a girl gang
living in my brain
and sometimes
it's 4a.m.
and i can hear them
singing along to the ronettes
switchblades as microphones,
i can't complain,
it's my fault 
they took over 
the grey area in my brain,
and i doubt i'll
ever love in a 
non masochistic fashion,
but leather jackets, 
never leave,
use my brain as an ashtray,
sing your songs as loud as you want,
never leave

maybe i'll like being alive
as much as trying to die,
26 years figuring out
am i a mess?
because of confessional bullshit?
because love songs play 24/7?

my brains in the 1970's
they're doing the twist
do you want me to swoon
because i've been in love?
maybe i'll like being alive

i will fuck up
countless times
i will not have
no pride, no ego
not big
not smart
girl gang


Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up,

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