guest poem by muesli

as if you would even notice babe since you left it’s been one month to the day

so how many girls have you enchanted today

how many hearts are you planning to break

and where are you now gone to live a new life

or outside of my window just waiting to strike

that’s the thing about people who get in your head

they can be miles away but they’re still in your bed

and they’re still in your kitchen

and they’re still on your clothes

and they’re still in your dreams

and they’re still at your desk chair

looking impatient and bored while they find a few minutes

to tell you they don’t see you that way any more

you used to tell me the loveliest things

and you used to hold me like i was glowing

so i guess i’m still trying to let you go too

and i’m still drawing lines between these versions of you

and i think if i wait babe for just enough time

i can tell myself soon that you were never mine

and sometimes i wish babe when i’m feeling like this

that i had never even met you

that you didn’t exist


Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up,

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