well wishers

you’re fine
i’ve been there too
you just need a few weeks
trust me, i’ve had depression
have you tried yoga
have you tried meditation
have you tried smiling more
have you tried working out
it’ll all be okay in the long run
you need to keep occupied
you need to follow my advice
you need to stop hating yourself
you need to get back out there
you need to just get laid
how can you do this to me
how can you do this to yourself
is it something i’ve said
is it something i’ve done
why aren’t you happy today?
you used to be fine
you were fine yesterday
have you even moved today?
stick with the medication man
the doctors know what they’re talking about
have you thought about the people around you
you aren’t trying hard enough


Author: angus macnaghten

cynical and cyclical, hit me up, ajmacnaghten@hotmail.co.uk

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